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A Female Nihilist: The true story of the nihilist Olga Liubatovitch by Sergei Stepniak


On the 27th of July, in the year 1878, the little town of Talutorovsk, in Western Siberia, was profoundly excited by a painful event. A political prisoner, named Olga Litibatovitch, miserably put an end to her days. She was universally loved and esteemed, and her violent death therefore produced a most mournful impression throughout the town, and the Ispravnik, or chief of the police, was secretly accused of having driven the poor young girl, by his unjust persecutions, to take away her life.

Olga was sent to Talutorovsk some months after the trial known as that of the ‘fifty’ of Moscow, in which she was condemned to nine years’ hand labor for Socialist propagandism, a punishment afterwards commuted into banishment for life. Unprovided with any means whatever of existence, for her father, a poor engineer with a large family, could send her nothing, Olga succeeded, by indefatigable industry, in establishing her self in a certain Position. Although but little skilled in female labor, she endeavored to live by her needle, and became the milliner of the semi-civilized ladies of the town, who went into raptures over her work. These fair dames were firmly convinced — it is impossible to know why — that the elegance of a dress depends above all things upon the number of its pockets. The more pockets there were, the more fashionable the dress. Olga never displayed the slightest disinclination to satisfy this singular taste. She put pockets upon pockets, upon the body, upon the skirts, upon the underskirts; before, behind, everywhere. The married ladies and the young girls were as proud as peacocks, and were convinced that they were dressed like the most fashionable Parisian, and, though they were less profuse with their money than with their praises, yet in that country, where living costs so little, it was easy to make two ends meet. Later on, Olga had an occupation more congenial to her habits. Before entering the manufactories and workshops as a seamstress in order to carry on the Socialist propaganda, she had studied medicine for some years at Zurich, and she could not now do less than lend her assistance in certain cases of illness.
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From Russia with love – Nuovo sito Anarchico

Nuovo sito anarchico della prassi e della teoria insurrezionale in lingua russa, con traduzioni circa le azioni in tutto il mondo oltre a quelle sul territorio dell’ex URSS.  Il sito si ispira a  feartosleepculmineactforfree325 etc.
Si affiancherà alle ricerche di  blackblocg.info.

Per adesso, potrete trovare alcuni rapporti delle azioni dell’ELF, ricette per la costruzioni di ordigni incendiari, le versione russa di “Our lives of Burning Vision”.
Altro sulle CCF e altro ancora.


From Russia with Love – http://fromrussiawithlove.noblogs.org/


Two anti-fascists remanded 4th of July, after an incident at club “Barrikada” in Moscow

4th of July, at Presnenski district court of Moscow, judge Dmitry Dolgopolov fulfilled request of the police to imprison two of the six anti-fascists, who were remanded in night of second of July, not far from club “Barrikada”. 23 year old Irina Lipskaya and 19 year old Andrey Molchanov, suspected of having committed crimes according to statute of Russian criminal codex 213 part 2 (hooliganism, committed with a group of people).
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From Russia with Love – New Anarchist Website (Ex-USSR)

From Russia with Love – http://fromrussiawithlove.noblogs.org/

New Russian-language anarchist website of insurrectionary praxis and theory, numerous translations from around the world plus actions from Ex-USSR. The site was inspired by feartosleep, culmine, actforfree, 325 etc.
It is supposed to be a companion resource to blackblocg.info.

So far, there you’ll find an ELF action report, recipes for disaster, Russian version of ELF electric-timing methods for incendiary devices, Russian version of Our Lives of Burning Vision – About the CCF, plus more.

Evolving and emerging informal counter-information and translation network for action and ideas! Check them out!


“El anarquismo y la revolución rusa”, Anatol Gorelik

Duela denbora bat (urte pare bat/ hiru bat edo) “errusiako iraultzari” buruzko liburu bat irakurri niNan eta historiaren jakintzaren garrantziaz azpalditik ohartuta nagoNKanez 2009an Asel Luzarragak bere blogean “El anarquismo y la revolución rusa”, Anatol Gorelik-en liburuaz idatzitako “laburpena” eta iritziarekin usten haut.
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Pussy Riot /Band anti-Putin lancia sciopero della fame in carcere

Mosca, 4 lug. (TMNews) – Tre esponenti del gruppo punk femminile Pussy Riot, in carcere da oltre quattro mesi dopo una esibizione ‘anti-Putin’ nella Cattedrale di Cristo il Salvatore, a Mosca, hanno avviato uno sciopero della fame. La band vuole così protestare contro la decisione del tribunale di concedere loro solo cinque giorni per esaminare il fascicolo sul loro caso, prima del processo per teppismo.
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