Crisi Economica e Possibilità Rivoluzionarie (A.M.Bonanno)

Premesse metodologiche

Non occorre essere deterministi per considerare le crisi economiche come fenomeno endemico del capitalismo. I marxisti, partendo da uno schema deterministico (crisi del capitalismo ed avvento necessario della società socialista) hanno indagato le crisi economiche attuali indugiando nella distinzione gramsciana tra “guerra di trincea” e “guerra guerreggiata”.
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Considerations on Nihilism (Guerre au Paradis)

We would have preferred not to feel the need to write these lines. We would rather speak of love, of freedom and fresh water, leaving aside the negative, at least for a moment. However: a spectre haunts the revolutionary tension, the spectre of nihilism.
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Anti-System Cores For Mass Struggle and Subversion

Part one

“If you will not free yourself from the ropes that bind you while you are alive, do you think that ghosts will do it after?” Kabir

At this point, no one is innocent and all have made their choice. There is not one person who is not having to take sides. People are testing each other, testing society, testing how far they can go. Flexing their muscles, so to speak, before the clash. You can see it in the slight tilt of the lips as someone blames the immigrants or the Muslims in a roomful of strangers. Who will react?
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‘The Depersonalization of the Individual – The crack on a line-margin’ by Federico Buono (Edizioni Cerbero)

Federico Buono


“The crack on a line-margin”
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en/it/fr/de – War, catastrophe, democracy, prison. We want revolution

n a time when words seem to lose their meaning, when the language of power tries to penetrate all our conversations, we think it is even more indispensable to make an effort in order to speak clearly. Let’s stop parroting what the newspapers say, television shows and the powerful want us to believe. The point is neither to agree at all costs nor to convert everything, but it is to try to speak with our mouth, our words, our pains and our hopes.


War… or revolution
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en/es – Nature As Spectacle: by Feral Faun

The image of wilderness vs. Wildness
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The End of Anarchism? Luigi Galleani


The first decade of the twentieth century seemed to be quite promising. We were being told at school and on the streets that a new era of democratic freedom and social justice had opened. Criticism of the old institutions was encouraged by politicians, and the hopes of working people were raised by the labour unions’ promises of protection. The vanguards of political and social thought were spreading the seeds of new ideas among the workers of the world about ways and means to bring about a thorough emancipation from the oppression of political power and from the exploitation of land and capital by private ownership.
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Mis perspectivas [Willful Disobedience]

Sobre todo soy un individuo que desea forjar su vida y sus relaciones con el mundo y con otras personas en sus propios términos. Por esta razón soy anarquista. Sin embargo mi perspectiva anarquista es egoísta y tomo de todas las perspectivas aquello que encuentro útil para el desarrollo y consecución de mi proyecto anarquista.
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To Have Done With the Economy Of Love by Feral Faun

“Love of all things is integral beauty; it has no hate or possessiveness…. So accept love wherever you may find it: It is difficult to recognize because it never asks.”
-Austin Osman Spare
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Más allá del feminismo, más allá del género [Willful Disobedience]

A fin de crear una revolución que pueda poner fin a todo tipo de dominación, es necesario acabar con las tendencias a las que todos nos vemos sometidos. Esto requiere que seamos conscientes del papel que esta sociedad nos impone y busquemos sus puntos débiles, con el objetivo de descubrir sus límites y traspasarlos.
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