en/es – Nature As Spectacle: by Feral Faun

The image of wilderness vs. Wildness
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To Have Done With the Economy Of Love by Feral Faun

“Love of all things is integral beauty; it has no hate or possessiveness…. So accept love wherever you may find it: It is difficult to recognize because it never asks.”
-Austin Osman Spare
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Paneroticism: The Dance of Life – by Feral Faun

Chaos is a dance, a flowing dance of life, and this dance is erotic. Civilization hates chaos and, therefore, also hates Eros. Even in supposedly sexually free times, civilization represses the erotic. It teaches that orgasms are events that happen only in a few small parts of our bodies and only through the correct manipulation of those parts.
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Radical Theory: A Wrecking Ball for Ivory Towers by Feral Faun

It seems to have become a given among many anti-authoritarians that radical theory is an academic pursuit. On the one hand, there are the ideological activists who accuse anyone who attempts to critically analyze society or their own activities in a way that goes beyond the latest hip anarchist sloganeering of being armchair intellectuals or academics.
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The Liberation of Motion Through Space by Feral Faun

Time is a system of measurement, which is to say, a ruler, and authority. There is a reason why, during many insurrections, clocks have been smashed and calendars burned. There was a semi-conscious recognition on the part of the insurgents that these devices represented the authority against which they rebelled as much as did the kings or presidents, the cops or soldiers. But it never took long for new clocks and calendars to be created, because inside the heads of the insurgents the concept of time still ruled.
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Whither now? Some thoughts on creating anarchy By Feral Faun

“Any society that you build will have its limits. And outside the limits of any society the unruly and heroic tramps will wander with their wild and virgin thoughts…planning ever new and dreadful outbursts of rebellion.”
–Renzo Novatore
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The anarchist subculture: A critique. by Feral Faun

“…the absence of imagination needs models; it swears by them and lives only through them.”
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Drifting from the sacred: Thoughts inspired by Feral Faun


Thoughts inspired by
reading Peter Lamborn
Wilson’s The Sacred Drift

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en/es – Social transformation- or the abolition of society by Feral Faun

“Society…1. a group of persons who have the same customs, beliefs, etc. or live under a common government and who are thought of as forming a single community… 3. all people, when thought of as forming a community in which each person is partly dependent on all the rest” Webster’s New World Dictionary
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The Quest for the Spiritual: A Basis for a Radical Analysis of Religion – Feral Faun

by Feral FaunThis civilized, technological, commodity culture in which we live is a wasteland. For most people, most of the time, life is dull and empty, lacking vibrancy, adventure, passion and ecstasy. It’s no surprise that many people search beyond the realm of their normal daily existence for something more. It is in this light that we need to understand the quest for the spiritual.
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