SOLIDRITY TO OLGA ECONOMIDOU by CCF & Theofilos Mavropoulos..

“Turn off the main switch in this dump. Here the beautiful becomes ugly, the choice becomes a habit and the meaningless important. Prison dirties creases and swallows pieces of dreams, desires, thoughts and feelings. Its most permanent residents, the majority of the prisoners are now a part of the appliances of the prisons. Bars, yard, cameras,locks, prisoners mix all together and re-enact the world of captivity. Nothing is worthy of captivity. Nothing is worthy in here. Come let’s go and don’t look back….Only fire will cleanse this place…..”
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El núcleo de base autónomo (A.M.Bonanno)

Estructuras de masas, los núcleos de base autónomos son el elemento que enlaza la organización anarquista informal a las luchas sociales.

El núcleo de base autónomo no es una forma de lucha enteramente nueva. Se han hecho intentos de desarrollar estas estructuras en Italia durante los pasados diez años. Los más notables de estos han sido el Movimiento Autónomo de los Trabajadores del Ferrocarril de Turín, y las ligas autogestionadas contra la base de misiles crucero en Comiso.
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Corda tesa

While in Val Susa the battle between the volunteers rushing to defend the Free Republic of the Maddalena was raging against the Praetorians sent to enforce the Republic of Slave Italy, a blaze in the night in Rome destroyed the new control room of Tiburtina station (a node of the Tav), blocking the national rail traffic. The suspicion that there may be a link between the protests in the valley and the metropolitan fire was immediate, as was immediate the outrage and denial of “NoTav People” through its public representatives; institutional assurances on probable natural causes were late in coming and not very convincing: it is a short circuit, less likely to be sabotage, or perhaps the side effect of a simple theft of copper.
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Athens-Thessaloikni, Greece – DOES WORK LIBERATE? Solidarity poster for anarchist Rami Sirianos and comrade Kleomenis Savanidis


received by sysiphus


17/01/2012 –



Work penetrates and determines our whole existence. Time flows merciless at her rhythm as we commute through identical depressive surroundings at an ever increasing pace. Working time…productive time…free time…Every single one of our activities falls within her context: acquiring knowledge is considered an investment for a future career, joy is transformed into entertainment and delves into an orgy of consumption, our creativity is crushed within the narrow limits of productivity, our relationships -even our erotic encounters- speak the language of performance and usability… Our perversion has reached such a point that we search for any form of work, even voluntary, in order to fill our existential void, in order to “do something”.
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2ήμερο εκδηλώσεων στο χώρο του Πατινάζ στο Μπαρουτάδικο (2&3 Ιούνη)

Αλληλεγγύη στην Όλγα Οικονομίδου μέλος της Σ.Π.Φ.-FAI/IRF

Η συντρόφισσα Όλγα Οικονομίδου μέλος της αναρχικής επαναστατικής οργάνωσης Συνωμοσία Πυρήνων της Φωτιάς βρίσκεται εδώ και 25 μέρες στην απομόνωση των γυναικείων φυλακών στα Διαβατά λόγω της άρνησής της να υποβληθεί στην εξευτελιστική για την αξιοπρέπειά της διαδικασία του σωματικού ελέγχου, άρνηση που πραγματώνουν και όλοι οι σύντροφοι – μέλη της Σ.Π.Φ.
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Vertice Abisso numero-Foglio Egoista Nichilista 5

–riceviamo e pubblichiamo

In questo numero:
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Video della Rai – tv pubblica italiana con interviste a procuratori e anarchici

Attentato Adinolfi. Ma chi sono gli anarchici?

Indagini sulla nuova strategia della tensione di Flaviano Masella montaggio Alessandro Stefanoni L’Inchiesta fa il punto su quanto accaduto il 7 maggio a Genova quando è stato gambizzato Roberto Adinolfi, amministratore delegato dell’Ansaldo Nucleare, di proprietà di Finmeccanica. L’inchiesta assieme al Procuratore Capo di Genova, Michele Di Lecce, fa il punto sulla pista brigatista. Ma anche su quella anarchica. Ma chi sono gli anarchici? All’Inchiesta di Rainews le interviste ad alcuni membri della Federazione Anarchica italiana, FAI, che condanna l’attentato ad Adinolfi, rivendicato invece dalla Federazione Anarchica Informale. Una sigla volutamente ambigua, sempre FAI, che compare per la prima volta nel 2003 dopo una serie di attentati contro alcune istituzioni europee e politici italiani di primo piano.



From:  culmine (translation by B. Porco Dio/feartosleep)

A few days ago two anarchist comrades from near Turin found a bug behind their fridge.
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Letter from Eat, member of Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – FAI/IRF (Indonesia)

Eat (Reyhard Rumbayan) is serving a 1 year 8 month jail term for burning down an ATM bank with fellow comrade Billy Augustan, as members of the Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – FAI/IRF.

Dear comrades, proud ‘members’ of FAI/IRF Global, our imprisoned friends of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, and all the groups, individuals, who dedicate their lives to end the mega-machine of control and domination and to all the anarcho-heretics.
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