en/es – Letter of Marco Camenisch about Operation Ardire (Switzerland)

Note from ABC Berlin: Anarchist Marco Camenisch, imprisoned in Switzerland, has drafted a first letter regarding the “operation boldness” (operazione ardire).
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ARMED STRUGGLE IN ITALY 1976-78 (Elephant Editions)



During these years the antagonist movement in Italy shed all its taboos concerning destruction, violence and the use of arms against the class enemy. It became normal to respond to the humiliation and tyranny of capital with the arms considered most effective, and the violence of the bosses, police and fascists found and immediate response both in the streets and in specific retaliatory actions.
When this counter-information was first published, the aim was to make known and extend the whole dimension of armed struggle, so it contains little criticism of the forms that struggle took. Now it is time to contribute to the qualitative aspect of the struggle that is spreading today, using methods that include sabotage against the structures of capital carried out by small groups of comrades who have come together on the basis of affinity. These contain a strong element of creativity and joy, in the knowledge that it is simple to attack what is oppressing us directly and that there is no need for endless documents of ideological justification for doing so.


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Armed Struggle in Italy / Revised 2009 (Elephant Editions)

elephant editions


More, Much More by Massimo Passamani

A collection of writings by Italian insurrectionary anarchist Massimo Passamani.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at) riseup.net


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TOWARD THE CREATIVE NOTHING by Renzo Novatore (Elephant Editions)


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Toward the Creative Nothing – Renzo Novatore (Elephant Editions)


elephant editions


The rebel’s dark laughter: the writings of Bruno Filippi by bruno filippi

Table of Contents:

* Translator’s Introduction
* Who Was Bruno Filippi?
* In The Circle of Life
o In Memory of Bruno Filippi by Renzo Novatore
* The Free Art of a Free Spirit
* A Closed Chapter
* The Customs of Moles and Gallants
* Le Chateau Rouge
* In Defense of Mata Hari
* Iconoclast
* Hero or Assassin?
* The Federation of Sorrow
* Il Me Faut Vivre Ma Vie*
* A Day Off
* Dynamite Speaks
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Anarchist Meditations, or: Three Wild Interstices of Anarchism and Philosophy by Alejandro de Acosta


Philosophers allude to anarchist practices; philosophers allude to anarchist theorists; anarchists allude to philosophers (usually in search of theory to add to the canon).
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BLACK FLAGS by Renzo Novatore

Black flags in the wind

stained with blood and sun

Black flags in the sun

howling of glory in the wind

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Considerations on Nihilism (Guerre au Paradis)

We would have preferred not to feel the need to write these lines. We would rather speak of love, of freedom and fresh water, leaving aside the negative, at least for a moment. However: a spectre haunts the revolutionary tension, the spectre of nihilism.
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Greece: Text by prisoners in Larissa in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist Babis Tsilianidis, who faces new court case

Banner in Thessaloniki: SOLIDARITY WITH ANARCHIST B.TSILIANIDIS – Trial 18/7 at 9am
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Anti-System Cores For Mass Struggle and Subversion

Part one

“If you will not free yourself from the ropes that bind you while you are alive, do you think that ghosts will do it after?” Kabir

At this point, no one is innocent and all have made their choice. There is not one person who is not having to take sides. People are testing each other, testing society, testing how far they can go. Flexing their muscles, so to speak, before the clash. You can see it in the slight tilt of the lips as someone blames the immigrants or the Muslims in a roomful of strangers. Who will react?
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