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ARMED STRUGGLE IN ITALY 1976-78 (Elephant Editions)



During these years the antagonist movement in Italy shed all its taboos concerning destruction, violence and the use of arms against the class enemy. It became normal to respond to the humiliation and tyranny of capital with the arms considered most effective, and the violence of the bosses, police and fascists found and immediate response both in the streets and in specific retaliatory actions.
When this counter-information was first published, the aim was to make known and extend the whole dimension of armed struggle, so it contains little criticism of the forms that struggle took. Now it is time to contribute to the qualitative aspect of the struggle that is spreading today, using methods that include sabotage against the structures of capital carried out by small groups of comrades who have come together on the basis of affinity. These contain a strong element of creativity and joy, in the knowledge that it is simple to attack what is oppressing us directly and that there is no need for endless documents of ideological justification for doing so.


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Armed Struggle in Italy / Revised 2009 (Elephant Editions)

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The Poverty of Feminism by Dominique Karamazov (Elephant Editions)

In spite of its emancipatory and radical airs, feminism remains in the area of capitalist society to the point of even becoming the guardian of female alienation. It is not enough to define it an incomplete revolt, soliciting it to become total by abandoning the purely women’s point of view. We need to show up its content and the inversions that it involves in terms of real solutions.



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The Angry Brigade, Documents and Chronology

Shows some extent of the armed struggle that was carried out in Britain in the late sixties and early seventies, reproposing the validity of armed attack against capital in all its forms.

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Radical Theory: A Wrecking Ball for Ivory Towers by Feral Faun

It seems to have become a given among many anti-authoritarians that radical theory is an academic pursuit. On the one hand, there are the ideological activists who accuse anyone who attempts to critically analyze society or their own activities in a way that goes beyond the latest hip anarchist sloganeering of being armchair intellectuals or academics.
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