Charla movemento anarquista en rusia (compostela)

Un anarquista de Moscú falará sobre o movemento anarquista de
Rusia, sobre seus éxitos e fracasos. Antti Rautiainen viviu en
Moscú durante 13 anos, participando en actividades anarquistas.
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Antti Rautiainen denied Russian visa request

On Thursday, the 14th of June anarchist and member of the Moscow – Autonomous Action, Antti Rautiainen, was denied his Russian visa request. The refusal was not exaplained.
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[Iniciativa Dàhlia] Xarrada sobre el moviment anarquista de Rússia

Un anarquista de Moscou parlarà sobre el moviment anarquista de Rússia, sobre els seus èxits i fracassos. Antti Rautiainen ha viscut a Moscou durant 13 anys, participant en activitats anarquistes.
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Anarchists torch several police cars — Moscow, Russia

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Investigation committee claims a student-reenactor is a terrorist

8th of june, investigation committee of Russian Federation announced, that home of 20 year old Stepan Zimin, who was detained as a suspect of having taken part to a riot at Bolotnaya square 6th of May was searched. According to police, a walkie-talkie, ski-mask, molotov cocktail and several passports were found. Stepan himself told his lawyer, Denis Deryukin, that during search only his own passport and army documents of his former flatmate were found. What comes to “molotov cocktail”, he said that it was just a bottle of acetone. Zimin is a student of Russian State Humanitarian University, and acetone is necessary to clean up his reenactement regalia. It is not illegal to own masks and walkie-talkies in Russia.
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After mass protests against election fraud, Moscow anarchists are targeted with repressions

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This far five of the persons charged for rioting after events of “March of the millions” 6th of May in Moscow, two are known anarchist activists. Of them, Alexandra Dukhanina is in home arrest, and Stepan Zimin was remanded today until 8th of August.Alexandra Dukhanina may face up to 8 years in prison for participation to “March of the millions” 6th of May in Moscow

5th of June lawyer of Alexandra Dukhanina, Aleksandr Arutyunov told journalists, that his client has now been offically charged with “participation to riots” and “use of violence against a government official”. “Currently Dukhanina was charged with statutes 318 (“use of violence against government official”) and 212 part 3 (“incitement to riot) of Russian criminal codex. Now charges according to 318 are remaining, but incitement charges were dropped – Dukhanina is now charged according to 212 part 3 (“participation to a riot”).