Turchia: curdi vs polizia a Diyarbakir, arresti e feriti

Il regime turco proibisce una manifestazione per la liberazione di Abdullah Ocalan ma decine di migliaia di curdi scendono comunque in piazza. La polizia li attacca e i manifestanti resistono: ore di scontri, decine di feriti e di arrestati.
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[B] Freiheit für Gülaferit Ünsal! Der 129 b-Prozess beginnt…

Der § 129 b Prozess gegen die türkische Linke Gülaferit Ünsal beginnt am 19.7.12, um 9.00 Uhr am Kammergericht Berlin – Moabit.
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Ted Kaczynski Letter to a Turkish anarchist (2003)



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Interview with Kurdistan Anarchist Forum (KAF)

by Bridget
published recently in (Zine)

What does it mean to be a “Kurdish anarchist”? Are there any characteristics that you would say are different to the “classical” European anarchist approaches of the 19th century?
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1986-1996: Anarchism in Turkey

A brief history of the still-young anarchist movement in Turkey.
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Anarchism in Turkey

This article is written for the request of Russian ‘Avtonom’ magazine. Written circa 2004 it is a continuation of preceding yearly reports written in 2000 and 2001 on the same subject, giving also a brief background to some of the anarchist groups in Turkey.
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Solidarity concert for Anarchist Prisoners -Turkey (Black Scare case)





15 Anarchists, 3 of them high school students, are in Prison

On the 14th and 28th of May, 14 people were arrested by the “Anti Terror” Police raids done accounting that some private companies’ windows were broken on the 1st of May 2012 in Istanbul. One more person was arrested last week and the number of people in prison has risen 15 in total.
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From the title of this pamphlet one should not assume that we are going to tell you a brief account of a long history of a political movement. The history of anarchism is indeed very short in Turkey and the title of this pamphlet simply expresses this fact. The anarchist movement came to the political scene of Turkey less than 10 years ago. The publication of Kara a monthly magazine, was the starting point of anarchism in Turkey in 1986. Before the publication of this monthly magazine, there had not been any anarchist periodical or any anarchist circle which attempted to express itself. Of course that does not mean that there haven’t been any anarchists in the Geo-political borders of Turkey. An important point to note is that before Kara, anarchist circles or individuals never tried to become a political movement in Turkey.
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1 de mayo bloque anarquista en Istanbul