Traducción de textos Grecia 2009-2010. Dedicado a Lambros Foundas y Mauricio Morales

…Somos esxs molestxs que pasean continuamente en medio de lxs tranquilxs…
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en/it – Declaration written by Nikos Maziotis, a member of Revolutionary Struggle – 24th October 2011.



[Stop deception – Fighters are not terrorist]

translated from Italian by act for freedon now/B.pd
This is a political trial against revolutionaries who chose armed struggle to overthrow capitalism, the State, and the criminal regime which you, as judges, are here to defend.

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Greece – Athens -REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE TRIAL UPDATE,Session 16, Wednesday 14/3/12

The session began with a statement by P.Roupa concerning the failed attack of the R.S. against the Citibank headquarters in Kifissia. Citibank, shesaid, is a criminal organization of the international elite, whichexpresses the interests of the richest families in the USA.

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Nikos Maziotis Statement to the Athens Criminal Court July 1999

Statement to the Athens Criminal Court July 1999
The following text is the translation of what Nikos Maziotis said to the court during his trial which took place on the 5th to 7th of July 1999 in Athens, Greece. He was convicted and given a 15-year prison sentence for ‘attempted explosion with danger for human lives’ and ‘possession of guns and explosives’ for his action of placing a bomb in the Ministry of Industry and Development on December 12, 97, in solidarity with the revolt of the villages in Strymonikos against the installation of a gold metallurgy by multinational company TVX GOLD.

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Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, members of Revolutionary Struggle have gone on the run (Greece)

As reported by ABC Berlin, Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, two members of the urban guerrila group, “Revolutionary Struggle” “Epanastatikos Agonas”, have gone underground with their baby-son, Victor Lambros.
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Zwei Mitglieder von Revolutionärer Kampf sind untergetaucht

Die beiden Mitglieder der griechischen Stadtguerilla „Revolutionärer Kampf“ (Revolutionary Struggle – Epanastatikos Agonas) Pola Roupa und Nikos Maziotissind untergetaucht.
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(it/en) I prigionieri di Lotta Rivoluzionaria sull’uso del nome di Lambros Foundas

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Revolutionary Struggle – chronology, more other texts



–Text information from the 3 members of Revolutionary Struggle for comrades from Europe who respondes to the international call of solidarity (october 2011)

–Statement of the three members of Revolutionary Struggle to the Court on 12/12/2011

–Whose Justice Will Judge The Just?
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Atenas – Actualización sobre le juicio de la Organización Lucha Revolucionaria

Nota de Viva La Anarquía: Como muchos sabrán el juicio contra lucha revolucionaria en Grecia, continua, esta ves tenemos una actualización sobre la sesión 20 del lunes 30-4-12, por razones de tiempo las sesiones anteriores no están en español, desde ya todo aporte sobre la situación de los compas  es valido.
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Apologie de l’anarchiste Nikos Maziotis devant la cour d’assise d’Athènes le 7 juillet 1999

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