Vancouver Insurrectionary Solidarity

Last night all 6 windows were smashed at a Starbucks and a newspaper box tossed was into the street. This was done in Solidarity with all comrades engaged in the struggle and the o[p]pression from the recent Mayday events and raids. This is the second time in as many weeks its been smashed to shit.

Anti- Capitalist Unite!

fuck the state.
fuck capital.
its e[a]sy to attack!


from Anarchist News


Montreal, QC: Action in solidarity with G20 prisoners

from montreal counter-info:

The month of June, 2012 marks two years since the G20 summit in Toronto and the courageous resistance shown to it. It also marks the sentencing of our comrade Charles Bicari to seven months behind bars for smashing the windows of two police cars, two stores and an ATM with a hammer. To mark the occasion, we spent a few evenings spreading anti-system and solidarity slogans with the G20 prisoners in the streets of Montreal.
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Los Cinco de Vancouver: Lucha armada en Canadá

Relacionar el anarquismo con actos deliberados de violencia puede que sea visto como algo muy natural para la mayoría de gente si se piensa acerca del anarquismo en su conjunto. Pero para la mayoría de jóvenes anarquistas, debe ser difícil de imaginar que a principios de los años 80, la lucha armada en Canadá no solo parecía posible, sino que un pequeño grupo procedente de la comunidad anarquista de Vancouver se comprometió con ella. Además, había un pequeño pero significante apoyo para estas tres acciones.
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en fr – Montreal: june 6th to 12th update – raids and arrests, disruption of the Grand Prix, etc…


An update on recent events in the uprising in the territory usurped and violated we call Quebec.
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en fr – Railroad sabotage during big capitalist conference in Montreal (Canada)

From Jura Lib:
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Quebec: Communique for a railway sabotage during capitalist conference

A major railroad was sabotaged during the evening of Wednesday June 13th, in a farming area near Farnham, Quebec, in response to the call by the CLASSE for a day of nation-wide actions against the Montreal Conference of the International Economic Forum of the Americas.
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en fr – Special Law: An Anarchist Perspective on Bill 78


This is a half-page flyer written about ‘special law’ and Bill 78, the anti-protest law passed by Quebec as part of a crackdown on the student movement. This was made to be distributed in Ontario at the ‘casseroles,’ or pots and pans demonstrations, inspired by and in solidarity with the struggle in Quebec.
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Montreal, QC: Updates on the “smoke bomb terrorism” case and more

from sabotagemedia (see their site for more regular updates on the unrest in Montreal), heres an update on May 23rd and 24th from Montreal:

May 23 – Hostage of the smoke bombs case released under conditions

The last accused still held in the case of the smoke bombs in the subway, on May 10th, has been released on parole.
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