One year since your accident, we continue on the warpath for the freedom of Tortuga

from negratortuguitalakalle, transl waronsociety:

How to forget the thunderous sound of that pre-dawn of June 1st that reverberated in the hearts of the uncontrollable rebels who had many times savored that sparkling music of the explosion, and who now received the news bitterly, inundated with suffocating feelings of love and hatred beyond expectation? That same day when the arrogant ones and cynics appeared in droves, while so many others repented a disappointing previous encounter with you, which in one way or another they wanted to erase.

I remember how you unconsciously grew closer to the wolves who timidly bared their teeth, wanting to see if you were another one of those who lurk around subsumed in the deepest fear, or if you were another wild cub of our litter who untiringly sought freedom. How could I forget?

When the material consequences of this social war struck you directly, many tried to hide, others made as if they had never known you, as if only by coincidence had they found themselves in some place, library or event, ran to their holes trembling with fear because someone who they knew had an unfortunate accident while handling an explosive device.

In this arduous and complex journey we are also those who do not turn back from the facts, those who remain on the path of war and raise ourselves up again and again when one of us falls, as when you were at our side, from here I tell you that now you are closer than ever. We recognize you as afin, as compañero, as lover, as an unconditional warrior and as a mischievous cub of our litter, because we have known you in praxis and discussed in theory, because we shared in everyday life, from your laughter and tireless jokes, when you spoke one nonsense after another, the insatiable hunger of the hair on your forehead, the panic button or as many teased you “the non-style,” the same one who never tired of singing nefarious songs in Italian one after another.

We are the same who by coincidence found each other in this social war and who end up inseparable in one nighttime conversation or another, a walk under the rain or dreaming about the complex love that brings us so many sorrows and joys. Here I am learning with every day that passes from errors, from our discussions, from the reciprocal critiques between one another, and I seek with each letter to make you to fly, to break free your mind from where it is, to be the rasp to cut the bars and from across the distance to give you a warm embrace that lets your mind leave the prison.

This gesture of solidarity seeks to bring you a smile, it is a rebel and complicit wink to tell you that we keep conspiring together as always, with projects, with dreams and with wild joy.

Brother of mine, who are not forgotten, we remain on the path of war at your side unyielding… and, as one comrade said automatically, “we were not prepared for this…”

“…All the world is on fire for your return…”

Never Repentant

Never Defeated

Note from friends and lovers of Tortuga: We make a correction to the information about Luciano’s trial which was set for July 20th, in the 4th Oral Tribunal, we make a call to the comrades to keep supporting our brother in this struggle that does not end, no warrior is alone, solidarity is more than an abstract slogan, it is the materialization of action. Luciano Pitronello TO THE STREET!!!


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